Brand strategy


A brand is a living asset of a business that needs to be cared for and managed. It must stand for something—something that gives the business a purpose, that differentiates it, that helps customers and employees to understand what the business is about.

Brand strategy case study

  • Brand values
  • Brand purpose
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand promise

Brand audit


Understanding how effectively a brand is working and the value that it delivers to a business is important for planning and decision-making. What influences customer behaviour in the category? What impact does the brand have in creating customer demand and loyalty?

Brand audit case study

  • Evaluate brand core
  • Evaluate brand expression
  • Evaluate brand experience
  • Competitive landscape reviews
  • Big picture context
  • Insights, recommendations, 
    action plans.




Creating the right name can drive a brand’s differentiation and accelerate and grow market acceptance. Creating the perfect name is part art and part science.  Effective process can make the difference between an excellent name and one that does not quite work.

Naming case study

  • Name companies
  • Name products and services
  • Naming systems
  • Trademark availability
  • Language check

Tone of voice



The way a brand talks helps build emotional connection with audiences. It influences customer and employee perception. Devising a distinctive style for brand communications with internal and external audiences matters. Ensuring consistency across all communications channels clarifies and reinforces brand messages.

Tone of Voice case study

  • Brand values and words
  • Vocabulary and phraseology
  • Writing the way you speak
  • Technical terminology
  • Brand lexicon

Brand experience


Compelling brand experiences generate customer loyalty and secure future earnings. Unique, holistic experiences connect people meaningfully and long-term. Integrating products, services, behaviours and environments increases employee engagement and converts them into brand storytellers and ambassadors.

Experience case study

  • Creative concepts
  • Experience design
  • Environment design
  • Customer experience
  • Service design

Brand localisation


An established brand entering a new market needs to sense check and adapt to a new cultural environment. Language, words, phrases, behaviours and environments that excel in one culture may not be as effective in another. Without fundamentally changing core values or attributes a brand can adapt in visual and verbal tone to make significant differences to market acceptability.

Brand localisation case study

  • Brand audit
  • Cultural evaluation
  • Language evaluation
  • Identification of need
  • Change recommendations

Brand identity design

A distinctive, unique visual identity projects and reinforces a brand. Great brand identity design is grounded in strategy but comes alive with creativity. Blending logic and magic to create thoughtful, unforgettable identities and identity systems is the basis of building powerful brands.

Brand identity design case study

  • Write design briefs
  • Tender for designers
  • Manage design projects
  • Evaluate design solutions
  • Advise on identity rollout

Brand governance

Brands are valuable assets. Like all assets they need to be nurtured and managed to maximise return on investment to the business. To sustain the success of a brand it is important to be clear about its role, to have processes to manage it, to track its performance and to assess and handle risk.

Governance case study

  • Brand architecture systems
  • Monitor graphic assets
  • Review tone of voice
  • Assess brand environments
  • Evaluate employee behaviour
  • Produce brand guidelines