Our work for Taxi Regulation

The Government established The Commission for Taxi Regulation in 2004 with the objective of regulating the previously diversified taxi, hackney and limousine sector.

From the beginning this was recognised as a potentially challenging role and the need for a strong and authoritative brand was evident. We developed a brand and identity that was distinctive, that provided the necessary authority to support the Commission in implementing change and that would also communicate change clearly and unambiguously to the consumer. 

Brand strategy and identity

Our project commenced with an evaluation of the communications issues involved and preparation of a brand development and communications strategy. This included consultation with representatives of key stakeholder groups to facilitate awareness and to ensure understanding of the issues involved.

Our creative solution was based on a strong brand mark using the shortened name Taxi Regulator. The mark is inspired by the aesthetics of taxi signage and incorporates a unique monogram symbol combining an uppercase T with a lowercase r. The vibrant red and orange colour palette communicates a confident, proactive organisation. This symbol is teamed with a crisp logotype using the shortened name Taxi Regulator, and together they are reversed out of a tailored panel device.

Speaking about the effectiveness of this brand identity Ger Deering, then Commissioner for Taxi Regulation, said: 
“The brand identity programme has actively contributed to the many activities of the Commission by:

•   building awareness amongst our key stakeholder groups over the last eighteen months;
•   expressing our core values consistently across all of our communications material;
•   establishing a powerful brand platform on which we can continue to build our consumer messaging in the future.”

Brand Management Toolkit

Writing sophisticated brand management guidelines that can help both internal staff and external agencies deliver consistently across channels as diverse as literature, advertising and in-cab notices is just the kind of challenge that we relish.

After creating the corporate identity we produced a concise manual establishing the framework for consistent usage of the visual brand assets. Three years later, the breadth and scope of the brand’s remit had expanded and the Commission needed a more comprehensive and sophisticated brand management system. 

We then created a new Brand Management Toolkit of three related documents:
1.  Brand Identity Style Guide documented all of the core attributes and assets of the brand identity, such as brand marks, colours and typefaces, and how they should be used.
2.  Content Classification System defined the different classes of communication materials that the Commission produces and outlined the rules that we established for each.
3.  Brand and Information Management outlined the internal processes used to support good brand and information management. This helped the Commission by specifying all of their internal process that allows them to structure activities and projects.

On-going brand development

We applied design thinking to maximise the effectiveness of the delivery of a range of regulatory, policy and statutory information to diverse audiences—industry members, government and consumers across multiple channels. Some examples of very many projects that we undertook are:

Creating an Integrated Online Presence

In January 2011 the functions of the Commission for Taxi Regulation were incorporated into the National Transport Authority (NTA). All content from the existing taxiregulator.ie web site needed to move onto the NTA site.

In designing the updated taxi regulation pages within the NTA site, we delivered brand guidance, page architecture, navigation and user interface design.

We worked in partnership with the internal NTA team, their content advisor and online agency to deliver a solution that meets all communication requirements.

In-cab Consumer Information

All taxis in Ireland are required to display consumer information relating to fares and other regulatory matters. We analysed the required content and we grouped and structured it for optimal comprehension. Taxi users now have the benefit of more accessible and engaging information where and when they need it.

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National Taxi Vehicle Branding

We created the new National Taxi Vehicle Branding system. Since 1st January 2013 all taxis in Ireland are required to have specified branding fitted. There were three important design-related objectives:

1. to create a recognisable branding device that makes all licensed taxis more recognisable for customers.

2. to be equally visible and legible on both light and dark coloured vehicles.

3. to be consistently applicable onto all of the various sizes and types of vehicles in use as taxis in Ireland.

There was also a set of operational objectives that were equally important. For instance, the branding needed to be cost-efficient to produce, as the drivers would be paying for its installation so, for example, it could not be a full-vehicle wrap or overall paint job as this would have an adverse economic effect on these small businesses.

Our solution also needed to be robust as many different suppliers around the country would be producing and applying the decals. An overly complex design would therefore invite inconsistency in appearance and application nationwide.

Our solution has proven highly effective and is now recognised nation-wide.

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