Our work for Ordnance Survey Ireland

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) offers a range of mapping and navigational products and services targeted at professional and consumer markets. Trade and professional products account for the majority of OSi’s business and thus get the greatest proportion of internal mindshare at the expense of the consumer product sector.

Brand Research and Development Strategy

OSi needed to understand consumers better so as to inform business strategy to cater for changing market trends and increased competition within consumer markets. More specifically, OSi needed to understand the views, attitudes and experiences of people that use maps and other navigational aids for driving, business or leisure, in terms of their perceptions of the image and personality of the brands available on the market.

BFK was commissioned by OSi to review existing brand recognition and equity and to advise on the strategic development of the OSi consumer brand.

We measured perceptions and experiences of OSi, of its products and of its consumer brand among key internal and external stakeholders. This consisted of several stages.

A communications evaluation reviewed and assessed the quality and effectiveness of existing brand application and communications. Internal in-depth interviews with key employees measured brand buy-in by staff and similar in-depths were used to assess trade partners’ perceptions of OSi.

Working on our behalf our quantitative research partner Ipsos MORI (now IPSOS MRBI) carried out face-to-face interviews with tourists across key information sites. In conjunction with these interviews, BFK undertook focus groups with end users, especially drivers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Following evaluation of research findings we recommended a brand development strategy for OSi that would result in enhanced stakeholder awareness, improved trading opportunity and an increase in brand equity. This research project was completed in February 2008.