Our work for Net Affinity

NetAffinity is an established software company that specialises in online hotel marketing and in the provision of hotel booking engine systems for independent and group hotels in Ireland and across Europe.

Defining the brand

NetAffinity recognised the need for a new brand to communicate a new specialist software offering—a brand that would help raise its business profile and that would position the company as a bespoke supplier to the hotel sector. Through a series of workshops we worked closely with the NetAffinity management team to define the brand essence and refine and agree brand positioning options. We conducted one-to-one brand perception research with past and existing NetAffinity clients. We brainstormed with our client to develop a new tag line.

This process was designed to achieve the best possible solution—one that would meet our client’s needs, would exceed their expectations, and would result in the creation of a new identity that communicated values of sophistication, professionalism, quality and elegance.

Creating the brand identity

The chosen creative solution is based around a symmetrical arrangement in which the symbol is underscored by the NetAffinity name. The symbol is devised from a series of strands that emanate outwards from one focal point, reflecting how NetAffinity filter the best information and data for its clients and provide the best possible solution. Both the bespoke typography and subdued colour palette directly convey NetAffinity’s positioning.

Another component of the brand mark is the tagline ‘We Love Hotels’. This short, quirky statement is seen as the signature of the company and is used to communicate its passion for it does and for the market it serves. This component of the identity is interchangeable, working either as part of the identity or as a stand-alone design embellishment, as required. We used a very different typographic expression for the signature.

The result is a brand identity that is instantly recognisable, relevant and memorable. Net Affinity have now rolled out their new brand identity across a wide range of materials including their web site www.netaffinity.com

In July 2010, eighteen months after the launch of the new identity, the value of brand  for business-to-business development is stressed by Michelle Conaghan, Head of Client Services at NetAffinity “…the branding is working really well and we’re constantly getting compliments on it. Business is also really good, we’re signing lots of new clients…”