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Our work for Mach Aviation

Mach Aviation is a small, specialist provider of private aviation services and is based Swords, Co Dublin. Mach target high net worth individuals and corporate clients globally. Core business activities had been in jet and helicopter purchase, sale and consulting. 


Mach already had a strong, well-established reputation as aircraft brokers and traders and a long-term relationship with many clients. However Mach’s business objective was to reposition as independent advisors and consultants to buyers and sellers of business and private jets and helicopters, advising them on the best solution to their particular needs. The existing Mach brand identity did not reflect this more sophisticated positioning. BFK was commissioned to advise on updating their brand to align with their new business objectives.

Brand development

We recommended replacing the existing name ‘Mach Aviation Services Ltd’ with the clarified brand name ‘Mach Aviation’. (The word Mach refers to the relationship of a plane’s speed to the speed of sound.) We created an entirely new brand mark and identity system as the visual expression of the Mach name. 

We introduced an all-new abstract dynamic v-wings symbol representing the experience of flight. The lattice effect represents the interactions between Mach and their clients. We chose two rich, sophisticated colours for the brand to reflect the nature of Mach Aviation. This contemporary brand mark now presents the company as a premium offering.

Brand governance

We wrote and produced a brand guidance publication recording all the decisions taken and giving all necessary guidance on implementing the updated Mach Aviation brand identity consistently.


The new brand identity strongly positions Mach as trusted advisors to aircraft owners. The brand is now a better representation of a skilled, professional consultancy, building on its established reputation.


Concept design visual for Mach Aviation home page. 

Concept design visual for Mach Aviation home page.