Our work for Luas and the Railway Procurement Agency

Luas was conceived as a new, fresh, light rail transit system for Dublin. The concept, which was reflected in the design of the trams themselves, was of a modern, open, community-friendly system. Ease of access, visibility provided by large windows and light, friendly colours played a part.

The name Luas had already been selected. We worked with the Luas project management team to review the system’s values and to advise on their impact on branding and communications. After a short consultancy process we created the now-familiar Luas brand identity. 

Our brand solution is a specially created, unique logotype or word mark that communicates and embodies the attributes that characterise the unique personality and positioning of Luas. Of course, we went on to produce brand guidelines to assist in long-term accurate implementation of the brand identity.

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Railway Procurement Agency

The Railway Procurement Agency (RPA) was a state agency responsible for the development of Luas Infrastructure and ensuring the delivery of top quality light rail passenger services. 

We designed and developed the corporate brand identity of the RPA following completion of the Luas project. We set down precise standards for preserving the integrity of the brand identity to ensure that it’s impact and recognition value will not be diluted through alteration. These standards were captured in brand identity guidelines.

The RPA merged with the National Roads Authority and was effectively dissolved on 1 August 2015. The merger of the two agencies is called Transport Infrastructure Ireland.