Our work for Inbhear

Inbhear is an IFSC-regulated provider of Fund Administration services to investment fund managers, mainly in the US and London.

Inbhear was established in Dublin in 2004 as Phoenix Fund Services, a subsidiary of a UK-based group of investment administration companies. A management buy-out of the Dublin business necessitated a new name and new brand identity.


The management team had already decided upon their new name: ‘Inbhear’ (pronounced ‘In-ver’) which is the Irish word for estuary. As fund administrators they deliver significant value operating at the meeting point of fund managers and their investors. So where rivers meet the sea at an estuary is an apt analogy for their business. Choosing a distinctive name also positions them against competitors by expressing the difference in the way that they think. Also, their offices look onto the Malahide Estuary, so in one sense their new name represents where they come from.

Brand strategy

 We began this project with a strategic process that defined brand vision, purpose, and values. We defined a brand development strategy with the management team. The output from this process was an agreed brand platform and a set of key brand messages.

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Brand identity development

Following our creative exploration of a range of viable brand identity concepts. Inbhear management chose one brand treatment for design development, finalisation and implementation. The resulting Inbhear brand mark is the visual expression of the new name. The abstract symbol represents the confluence of two rivers at an estuary. The fresh blue colours of the symbol contrast with the rich red of the logotype. The classical typography of the logotype is restrained and professional. The novel name is intriguing enough and would be ill-served by distracting, ostentatious typography.

 The overall visual language of the new brand identity is characterised by friendly discernment. We combined rigorous attention to detail with enjoyable flashes of accent colours.

We produced brand guidelines recording all the decisions taken and giving full guidance for consistent and effective implementation.

Benefits and Outcomes

Inbhear’s new brand strategy and brand identity projects the core brand values in a way that resonate target clients. It expresses independence and expertise, supports their long-term approach, and their ability to build strong client relationships.

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