Our work for Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland has engaged our branding services on many projects over the years. Two examples are defining brand strategy and naming for their New Frontiers programme and leading customer experience research for another EI initiative, Educate in Ireland.

New Frontiers

The Enterprise Platform Programme (EPP) was the name of a one-year entrepreneurship training, mentoring and campus incubation centre programme delivered on a regional basis by Institutes of Technology (IoTs) and funded through Enterprise Ireland (EI). In 2011 EI was given responsibility for co-ordinating and standardising delivery of the EPP nationwide.

Up to this time the regional EPP programmes had been individually branded by participating IoTs. To signal nationwide programme coordination EI identified the need to review the programme’s branding.

Our initial involvement was to review and analyse the many existing brands, to explore possible alternative brand structures and to recommend an optimised solution. This involved consideration of the needs of the individual IoTs as well as EI’s overall strategic objectives.

 We recommended that EI and the IoTs should adopt a single national brand to replace all existing EPP brands. This was clearly preferable for delivering the strategic objective.

We were subsequently retained by EI to deliver the next stage in the project––to create a new name for the nationwide programme. The objective was to create a short, memorable name that would satisfy the promotional needs of both EI and the IoTs. We used our established naming process: naming plan, brainstorms, evaluation, availability checking and, finally, recommendation. The result was ‘New Frontiers’ – a name to inspire, engender a feeling of confidence and quality, opportunity, hope and progress.

The name ‘New Frontiers’ has delivered on the objectives by contributing to a significant growth in the numbers applying to the programme.

Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers brand naming Martin Crotty brand consultant

Educate in Ireland

 Educate in Ireland is the division of Enterprise Ireland (EI) responsible for the promotion of Irish third level education in international markets.

Thorough understanding of the needs and desires of overseas students is fundamental to successfully marketing their programmes. As part of EI’s information gathering process we facilitated a research process with visiting students from the University of Texas.

 The areas investigated included the reasons for choosing overseas study destinations, the sources of information used when making these selections and the quality of information provided by these sources. Our research focussed specifically on the Educate in Ireland web site and its perceived value to this group.

 The findings of our focus group are one element of EI’s understanding of the needs of overseas students.