Our work for Aurivo

Dairy co-operatives were first formed in the west of Ireland in 1897. Mergers over the years eventually resulted in the formation of Connacht Gold Co-op in 2000. 

Connacht Gold was the corporate name but had also been applied, by default, to a wide range of products and services—animal feeds, consumer dairy products, livestock marts and retail stores, for example. Following internal brand understanding workshops a new brand strategy was defined to suite the Co-op’s future business strategy. 

Brand  architecture

We developed a new brand architecture to better serve the Co-op’s future objectives. The brand Connacht Gold was to be retained for the dairy and consumer foods division only. A new corporate brand identity was needed to distinguish the Co-op itself from its products and services and to facilitate its ability to expand outside the Connacht region. New identities were also needed for the retail stores and for animal feeds. 

Naming and brand identity

Using our naming process we developed three new names: Aurivo for the Co-op itself, Homeland for the retail stores and Nutrias for animal feeds.

The new Aurivo brand identity needed to retain some visual connection with the existing Connacht Gold identity to reflect the organisation’s heritage after over a century of operations. Yet, for strategic reasons, the three new brand identities needed to have a high degree of visual variety.

We achieved visual linkage by using one common colour palette derived from the greens and golds of the original Connacht Gold identity. We used this for the new Aurivo, Homeland and Nutrias identities, thus establishing a subtle link and cohesion across the family of brands, while also allowing each of the brands to use a distinct visual style appropriate to its own area of operation.

Connacht Gold Aurivo Brand mark Brand identity Logo design

The new Aurivo brand mark evokes the community spirit at the heart of the co-operative ethos, while also reflecting the more innovative and dynamic aspects of an organisation with a focus on growth and an eye on the future. This brand mark is appropriate for this class of corporate masterbrand, which supports an ever-expanding family of brands and products.

Homeland is the new name for Aurivo’s established retail and agri-store business. Our design for the brand mark evokes the combination of Home and Land, to indicate the retail offering that addresses the needs of both their urban and rural customers. The new symbol is a fresh, natural shape, suitable for use across a broad range of retail brand applications in future. This new name and brand positioning can assist Homeland to grow into a potential national retail brand.

Homeland brand identity retail identity brand design brand architecture

Nutrias is the new name for Aurivo’s animal feed business, expressing the company’s dedication to the science of animal nutrition. The new brand mark builds upon the visual equity of the sheaf of wheat symbol from the previous mark but is more dynamic on all key applications, particularly on animal feed product bags and vehicle livery.

What Aurivo say

Aurivo’s focus on growth and investing in our existing and new brands will continue to play a central role in our co-operative as we build for the future on the platforms of our new identities.
— Aaron Forde, Chief Executive, Aurivo Co-op Society Ltd
The massive support we got from shareholders as well as the strong direction from customers over the past two years of research highlights the importance in building a vibrant and fresh approach to our branding and Aurivo certainly does that. It is a name we are proud to have over our door and look forward to it being a benchmark name in the history of the Irish co-operative movement.
— Padraig Gibbons, Chairman, Aurivo Co-op Society Ltd