Our work for AIB

Immediately prior to the recent financial crisis we explored the feasibility and practicality of developing a divisional brand for AIB Capital Markets with the objective of facilitating cross selling between business units, raising the recruitment profile and adding value to the division.

The divisional brand would have been based on the core elements on the AIB master brand configured to serve the particular needs of Capital Markets operating divisions:

  • AIB Investment Managers
  • AIB Corporate Banking
  • AIB Corporate Finance
  • AIB International Financial Services
  • AIB Global Treasury Services
  • Goodbody Stockbrokers
AIB bank capital markets brand strategy

We reviewed the operations of the Capital Markets divisions in the context of its internal operating structures, the type of customers they targeted and the management level they at which they operated with those customers. We examined the brand personalities and core values of the divisions, their key strengths and the messages they communicated to clients. We reviewed their various promotional activities and routes to market. We identified areas of commonality and divergence in terms of their values, behaviours, strengths and weaknesses.

Our role was to assess whether a common brand could be configured to serve both the overall needs of Capital Markets and also those of each of the operating divisions. Also whether this could be effective in the long term, and what actions should be taken to achieve this. 

Our conclusion was that a common brand could work successfully for five of the six divisions, subject to certain internal requirements being met.

Our recommendations were delivered and accepted by AIB Capital Markets in April 2008 but were overtaken by events. The financial crisis resulted in major structural and management change in the bank and the project was abandoned.